Sunday, November 1, 2009


My happy friends. =)

I would like to tell you about my story.

TO tell you the truth my luck in this world is bad. I a man that have no luck with anything but so far I just face it all with patience. The thing that i want to stress here is about having no luck with girls. It seems that no matter how the thing goes I will not get what i wanted because I have bad luck when it comes to girls. haha. Thats why up until now I dont have anyone by my side. Before this I love someone very much and that someone is my EX. I didnt know what i did wrong but im shocked that it didnt go well with both of us. I am man that don't like to force someone if SHE doesnt want it to work. If she doesnt want that relationship to go on then I will release her from my world and I will surely banish and never to be seen again. Thats my style. Eventhough it have been a long time since my last REAL relationship but I do regret that it doesnt work out but for me to move on is a simple and painful thing but i can manage to do it because I'M STRONG. So for now i have to wait for someone's decision. Because now were a having a CEASE-FIRE situation. hahaha.. I have to wait until the FINAL exam finishes. LOL. I wont be disturbing you. OKAY? THAT will not be a problem because I have DOTA by my side. LOL. but i will miss you though. =P

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